Fred - Force 10 Bracelets

Fred Force 10 Bracelet

3D Bracelet Configurator

Combining jewelry craftsmanship and 3D digitalization, Fred jewelers offer an innovative and seamless experience that immerses users in a digital 3D relationship with the Force 10 bracelet, creating a unique and personalized experience for customers.


Fred's 3D jewelry configurator allows users to choose from over 5000 options of materials and colors, with 3D visualization and Virtual Try-On easily accessible on both smartphones and computers for Force 10 bracelets.

Fred Force 10 Webapp


To propose a cross-channel user journey that puts the user at the heart of the jewelry brand's digital experience thanks to our innovative and seamless 3D personalization experience.


Quality of 3D rendering, realistic simulation of precious materials (gold, silver, diamonds, precious gems)

Whether for the 3D configurator or for the Virtual Try-On, the visual quality of the materials is essential to guarantee an impactful and realistic experience. That's why at Hapticmedia we develop our 3D visualization engine which offers materials and renderings that highlight our clients' jewelry know-how.


An innovative 3D Digital immersive experience

The seamless customer experience for the Fred Force 10 bracelet offers a 3D visual immersion that eliminates the distance between bracelets and e-commerce buyers. This allows customers to: - Better see the bracelets - Easily choose from a wide range of option - Reduce disappointment and product return - Provide a strong customer experience


3D ecommerce configurator

The 3D configurator is designed to offer an immersive and enjoyable customer experience on all devices, with immediate and smooth responsiveness. Load times are extremely optimized and dedicated to e-commerce to provide an instant experience worldwide.


Virtual Try-On for Jewelry

The Virtual Try-On experience breaks conventions by allowing customers to virtually try on jewelry via their smartphones directly on the e-commerce website. Seeing the bracelets better, trying them on in the comfort of their home, taking the necessary time to make a purchase decision without pressure, and sharing with their loved ones provides a unique shopping experience. Hapticmedia is developing its own tracking and rendering algorithm to meet the requirements and expectations of luxury brands.

Fred Force 10 bracelet
Fred Force 10 bracelet
Fred Force 10 bracelet
Fred Force 10 bracelet
Fred Force 10 bracelet
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