Courbet 3D jewelry

Engagement ring 3D configurator

Maison Courbet brings a fresh, eco-conscious, and ethical perspective to jewelry making. By using synthetic diamonds and recycled and traceable gold, as well as favoring e-commerce, Courbet has positioned itself as an innovator in the field of fine jewelry.


Maison Courbet’s range of products is available online, which means that the visualization of their jewelry and user experience lie at the heart of their brand image. Hapticmedia’s mission is to enable users to properly see the jewelry and materials, and to help them choose from the large selection of diamond shapes and visualize them in real-time 3D regardless of their carat value.

Courbet ring configurator


Courbet’s 3D configurator allows users to visualize their engagement rings according to their selection of materials and diamond shapes.



Our 3D engine simulates the diamond’s texture as realistically as possible.



Users can chose the size of the ring, the material of the band and the shape of the diamond.


Online 3D configurator for e-commerce platforms

Choice of metals and diamond configuration. Real-time simulation of the diamonds in the browser, allowing for a realistic and physical simulation of the light playing off the diamonds’ facets that adapts to the various cuts of the gems.

Courbet jewelry ring
Courbet jewelry ring
Courbet jewelry ring
Courbet jewelry ring
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