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We are a software agency specialized in the next Cloud & 3D solutions. We offer several tailor-made services to our clients, from modelisation to personalized support around our SaaS solution named Apviz by Hapticmedia. Apviz offers 3D features for e-businesses, such as: - 3D viewer and configurators - Packshot - Virtual Try-on experiences - Marking features This tool allows you to accelerate your time to market and boost your online conversions.

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The aim of Hapticmedia is to accelerate brands digital transformation by supporting them in the creation of innovative and immersive customer journeys that reflects their image. Our team is composed of high-end cloud and web engineers, mathematicians, 3D graphic designers and researchers, all having the same goal of reinventing customer experience and facilitating made-to-order strategies development. We put audacity and creativity at the service of our know-how, as well as precision and rendering quality at the heart of our work.

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Since 2014, we have been supporting our clients in the jewellery, watchmaking, cosmetics, fashion and furniture industries with creating strong and engaging 3D projects. Thanks to these projects, we have succeeded in obtaining a more precise analysis of the needs and expectations of the retail market, which is why we now offer business-oriented support and services. At each stage of the project we keep listening and pragmatism at the base of our dynamics.

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