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We all desire to have our individuality recognized and our aspirations taken into account. This is why brands are strongly committed to the personalization of their products and services. Now at the heart of marketing strategies, this approach is becoming a valuable asset for customer satisfaction and loyalty.

In luxury boutiques this experience is already very successful, it is much more complex to recreate it on an e-commerce site.

Guerlain, a key reference in the world of beauty and perfumery, took the plunge last year after identifying the opportunity offered by our exclusive technology in this field. As a result, the brand entrusted us with the creation of a brand new experience around its “Rouge G” lipsticks.

This first foray into the world of online personalization, which was acclaimed by Internet users, convinced Guerlain to continue the adventure. At the end of 2019, it was the turn of its iconic “Abeille” bottle to experience, with Hapticmedia, a new stage in its long and beautiful history.

Further strengthening the experience around connected commerce

For nearly a year now, Guerlain has been giving women who love its “Rouge G” collection the opportunity to compose their ideal lipsticks online. They can thus choose different packages and shades from more than 450 possible combinations. And all this without even going to the store!

Our 3D configuration and personalization tool offers them the quality and fluidity expected from a successful shopping experience. In the end, the rendering on the screen is identical in every way to the physical product that customers receive at home.

Internet users appreciate this service, which makes this page achieve the 2nd highest conversion rate on the whole Guerlain site. This plebiscite is thus directly reflected in the results, with an increase in sales on this range of around 30 to 50%.

The brand wanted to repeat this huge success by entrusting us with a new challenge. This time, it is the turn of its “Bee” bottle, another emblematic Guerlain product.

Creating a unique product online in a fun and fluid way

It is to Guerlain’s instinct as a perfumer that this new act is going to work out. The brand wanted us recreate the emotions of this luxury product behind a computer screen or smartphone, without the customer ever coming into direct contact with the bottle: a challenge!

Our precision modelling and configuration was the driving force behind this new success, in a world of luxury that demands perfection, which is exactly what we have sought in the realization of a true technical prowess.

In addition to offering a choice of ribbons, Guerlain wanted to give the user the possibility of choosing the bottle, among different sizes and colors, as well as adding decorative elements and engraving a personalized message.

It took all the know-how of our teams to create, in real time, a multitude of combinations with a rendering on the screen that was perfectly identical to the physical reality of the final product.

Today, Guerlain is able to offer a totally new experience in interaction, configuration and co-creation that is fun, interactive and highly qualitative. From now on, both online and in store, the customer promise is aligned!

The 3D technical solution provided by Hapticmedia enhances the desirability of our iconic products. It offers different combinations to increasingly demanding customers who are seeking for digital experiences reflecting those that are available in our stores. In addition, thanks to this online customization tool, our customers can now offer a tailor-made gift to their loved ones, explains Jean Denis Mariani, Chief Digital Officer of Guerlain.

The experience around the “Abeille” perfume is currently available on several of the brand’s e-commerce platforms, including Italy, Spain and Great Britain, and is expected to be available worldwide very soon.

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