How luxury combines colorimetry and virtual try-on to reinvent your style

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What is colorimetry?

It was in the 17th century that Michel-Eugène Chevreul, the famous French chemist, published his work ‘De la loi du contraste simultané des couleurs’, which states that colors influence each other according to their location. In the 1940s, Suzanne Caygill, a fashion designer, highlighted the relationship between personality and style based on the four seasons. She went on to develop her theory, and colorimetry in fashion really took off in the 1970s when she published her book ‘Color, The Essence of You’, and Carole Jackson published her book ‘Color me beautiful’, which made a direct link between colors and physical tones (hair, eye, lip and skin colors).

In France, we have Michel Pastoureau, a medieval historian who has researched the symbolism of colors in the Middle Ages and later. He has explored the symbolism of colors, the evolution of perceptions, the social use of colors, the history of pigments and the interactions between colors. His work has provided an in-depth perspective on how different cultures at different periods, particularly in the medieval period, perceived color.

To better understand this concept, we need to know its definition. Colorimetry is the art of analyzing and using color palettes to determine what is best for each individual, taking into account skin, hair, lip and eye color. The aim is to bring out the radiance and harmonious complementarity of their skin tones and overall appearance. Colorimetry allows unique characteristics to be highlighted and can help create a more harmonious appearance.

Red 3D photorealistic Handbag Turquoise and brown 3D Photorealistic Handbag

Why it’s important to know your season?

Determine your season and the colors that make you stand out

Nowadays, many specialists have turned their attention to this discipline, which has spread to different industries such as interior design and psychology. We use hair, eye and skin color to determine the sub-tones: warm, cool, neutral, which will help us to determine the right color palette, divided into four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. To find out which season you’re in, do a colorimetry test!

Color wheel 4 seasons

All these indications can be applied to clothes, make-up and accessories, but this diagnosis needs to be tested in real time or via virtual try-on.

The basics of colorimetry:

  • Wearing the right colors close to the face
  • Colors have symbolism, they convey messages

The psychology of color

The power of color and its impact

In understanding the evolution of consumer trends and expectations in online retail, it is clear that technological innovations, such as virtual jewelry try on, which allows consumers to virtually try on certain products before purchasing, has radically transformed the online shopping experience. This move towards interactive solutions offers customers unprecedented freedom to explore and personalize products before making a purchase, while reducing return rates and boosting loyalty. Malik Usman wrote in 2020 that around 40% of customers are willing to spend more on a product if they can try it out in Augmented Reality. However, the customer experience is not just limited to viewing products, but also extends to how colors interact with individual preferences and personality. The captivating world of colorimetry allows us to understand how colors can not only influence the choice of products, but also reveal the true essence of each individual. Knowing your palette allows you to be authentic and create the right mood boards to help you make the right decisions. It would therefore be interesting to study neuromarketing and analyze how it relates to your brand and how it increases your conversion rates

Virtual Try-On: technologies at the service of colorimetry

New technologies to discover your colorimetry and enhance your appearance

Against this backdrop, the days when the use of advanced technologies was seen as a plus by buyers are clearly over. The ability to interact with products online, to try them on, to test them against their color palette and communities is now a basic functionality that consumers need. This innovation can increase the conversion rate by 30%. Sharing the virtual fitting on social networks helps to increase the brand’s visibility and to ask for validation from its community, even live.

This technology is perfectly suited to all items where consumers want to touch, feel and personalize, particularly accessories such as jewelry which cannot always be tried on in-store for production and hygiene reasons. Customers gain total freedom to decide, try and choose at their own pace, without feeling the pressure of having to buy, helping to reduce the return rate, which has cost $4.95 trillion in 2022

This technology also makes it possible to reduce the time to market (the time it takes to produce an object from design to sale), as the seller will not have to produce all the products but can do so on demand. This saves a great deal of time, energy and money. The benefits are manifold, from increased revenue to reduced returns, and are a win-win situation for all parties. Virtual fitting technology is no longer a vision of the future, but an essential tool that should be on every luxury marketer’s to-do list.

Hapticmedia has written an article that explains the benefits of virtual fitting and presents a case study with the Swiss luxury watch company Baume, which has understood the challenges of the e-commerce market by integrating virtual fitting.

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Things to remember

Color matching in the fashion industry is enjoying exponential growth and worldwide renown thanks to social networks, and in the age of new technologies and the constant quest for authenticity, this revolutionary discipline makes it possible to bring out the best in each person at the heart of their purchases. Thanks to virtual try-on, you can enable all types of individuals to make the right choices in real time and virtually, reducing the rate of returns and time to market/manufacturing costs.


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